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Jewelry Designer Donna Dressler is the founder and creative designer of Donna Dressler Designs,

LLC. She has been surrounded by jewelry all her life. Her family owns a jewelry manufacturing

company in Rhode Island for over 55 years. Her early exposure to jewelry has strongly influenced

her designs and is the core to Donna’s lifelong passion. Residing in Rhode Island, the jewelry

capital of the world, Dressler knew she wanted to continue the family tradition.

Donna Dressler Designs signature style is defined by Classic Elegance, Femininity and Luxury.

Her collections reflect her ongoing fascination with mixing color. Each Donna Dressler piece is

hand crafted from the highest quality materials from around the world. She is inspired by colors

in nature to create truly unique and wonderful pieces of art.

Donna Dressler designs have been sold in many well-known retail stores such as Bloomingdales and other fine jewelry stores in the USA. Over the years, the company has developed and maintained successful working relationships with thousands of customers which have help drive demand for her jewelry. Starting with a vision to design her name brand label in the difficult financial economy the industry as a whole has operated in; Dressler has successfully grown since its inception. Once she introduced her line of signature wire wrap sterling silver bracelets everyone was taking notice. Celebrities, major magazine editors, and the finest department stores and boutiques across the country adored the concept and design. Dressler is involved with private event sales which has allowed her access to customer feedback and is very instrumental in designing new products and further diversifying the brand.

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